Underpinning Foundations

When underpinning a house London located, we are on hand to do high quality underpinning foundations which set rigorous standards for both safety and structural integrity. Every building needs quality underpinning, so London clients come to us for underpinning foundations they can always rely on.

Underpinning Basement London

As more people begin to utilize the space underneath their property, our underpinning basement team in London is increasingly busy. Thanks to our years of experience in underpinning, London clients come to us to help create a basement that is fit for use and safe for the long term.

Complete Underpinning For Your House

From underpinning foundations to underpinning a house London, or even underpinning basement work, our London underpinning contractors can do full scale underpinning work that is both safe and secure, as well as being done at a price and speed people can appreciate, making BNS the finest underpinning company in London.

Our Services


Underpinning Basement London Services

We offer a range of underpinning basement London services, from large to small scale and everything in between. With their years of experience to guide them, our underpinning contractors London are guaranteed to do underpinning basement London work that is safe and sturdy, and done to clients’ exact specifications every time.

Underpinning A House London

When they are underpinning a house London, our customers know they can trust BNS to deliver safe, structurally sound and always secure underpinning foundations. Our underpinning a house London services are fully available to residential and commercial clients, each project coming with our industry leading guarantees of quality.

Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to underpinning London, structures need trustworthy and long term basement waterproofing to maintain structural integrity. Our underpinning contractors London are highly trained and will use their expertise to ensure that your basement is waterproofed professionally and guranteed to last.

Structural Steel Works

When it comes to underpinning London, our clients also need structural steel works that they can trust. As an established underpinning company London, we guarantee that all our structural steel works will be done to the highest industry standards with safety always guaranteed and underpinning qualities never compromised.

New House Building

At BNS, we know that building a new house is not easy, often fraught with stress. That is why our underpinning contractors London work closely with clients to assure them that their work will be done professionally and safely, as well as being done on time and within the underpinning budget.

All Shell Structures

Some of our underpinning foundations London work is on properties that need shell structures as part of the construction project. Our underpinning contractors are highly experienced with shell structures, ensuring you will get professional results every time.

Interior Fit Outs

At BNS Groundwork London we enjoy doing high class interior fit outs, it’s one of our strengths. As well as all their other work, our underpinning contractors London have the necessary skills and industry experience to do your fit out in the style you want, at a price you will appreciate, and always in the style you want it.

House Extensions

At BNS, we do so much more than underpinning, underpinning foundations London and underpinning basements. From loft extensions to rear extensions and more, we are a trusted underpinning company London when it comes to this kind of construction work. Whatever style you need, from one to two storey work, we can get the job done.

Roofing Works

With our underpinning contractors in London having so much experience, we are able to do roofing works on both commercial and residential properties. With our roofing work, our customers know that their roofing work will be done safely and professionally by underpinning contractors London they can trust.


BNS is proud to be staffed by a team of specialist underpinning contractors London, with many years of industry experience between them. Our underpinning London team is on hand to work with clients to plan and complete underpinning basement Lonodn work, underpinning foundations projects or underpinning a house, with our underpinning services available to commercial or domestic clients.

As part of our BNS company promise, our underpinning contractors London always take the time to consult closely with clients and developers to guarantee that our underpinning foundations and general underpinning work has solid and clear project plans that are fully explained and detailed.

Without exception, all our underpinning contractors and underpinning teams in London take health and safety seriously on any and every site, and at BNS Underpinning London, we ensure that our teams are professionally accredited, highly trained, and have industry-recognized experience to ensure safety at all times. All our underpinning London projects involve careful planning leading to successful completion, that’s our guarantee.

Our underpinning contractors and all our underpinning contractors London come with a professional background in civil engineering. Our underpinning contractors have a great portfolio of projects including underpinning houses, underpinning basement London work, and underpinning foundations experience. Whether it’s underpinning a house or underpinning foundations London, our customers should call us for service they can trust.

During many projects, our underpinning contractors London work with trusted partners,  main contractors and property developers on both commercial and residential projects, meaning that all our underpinning work is up to standard and carefully delivered.

For underpinning work and underpinning foundations London, our portfolio includes work on schools, single story buildings, multi-story buildings and more. With this vast underpinning experience, our company is able to offer expertise that ensures all our underpinning work is carried out to the highest industry standards.

At BNS Groundwork London, our underpinning services include basement construction London clients can trust for both structural quality and lasting results. From underpinning basement London jobs designed to create a new underground car park, to basement swimming pools and entertainment spaces, our underpinning contractors will get the job done safely and cost effectively. Whatever your bespoke requirements, our underpinning team will deliver.

Our underpinning contractors London have a wealth of invaluable industry acumen when it comes to underpinning basement work, meaning that our underpinning is never compromised and always delivers standards you deserve.

BNS Underpinning London is proud to have many years of  industry experience when it comes to underpinning a house, underpinning foundations, or underpinning basements, with underpinning contractors who never compromise on their working standards. With our underpinning London, our customers get our professional assurance and guarantee that their underpinning will be done on time and within the agreed budget.



Mini Piled Underpinning London

When it comes to underpinning foundations London in our clients properties, this is a method of underpinning that can be implemented where the loads from the foundation have to be transferred to a strata located at a distance greater than 5m. Our professional underpinning contractors London see this method as being highly adaptable for soil that has variable nature, or where underpinning is needed in a location where access is restrictive or could cause environmental pollution issues to occur.

Pile Method of Underpinning London

With this particular method of underpinning foundations London, the process starts with building piles being driven on adjacent sides of the wall, which support the weak foundation, and a needle/pin penetrates through the wall that is in turn connected to the piles. Settlement in soil due to water clogging or clayey nature can be treated by this method of underpinning on London sites.

Pier and Beam Underpinning London

When our contractors are underpinning foundations in London properties, they sometimes use this method, underpinning known as the base and beam method. This particular form of underpinning London became more used and popular due to the previously used mass concrete method being unsuitable for work of a huge depth, making this underpinning feasible for most of the ground conditions

Advantages Of Underpinning London

Improved Structural integrity

When it comes to underpinning a house London structures may not have necessarily been properly constructed or may have been damaged by repairs, extreme weather conditions, or the inevitable wear and tear of age. With underpinning London, homeowners can get improved structural integrity.

Enhanced Ceiling Height and Lighting

By underpinning foundations London, property owners can enjoy the benefit of a structure having better lighting fixtures, and you can add new rooms or new offices to your structure to add some more windows and doors that will allow the natural light to flood in.

Updating Plumbing, Electrical Fixtures and Insulation

Underpinning basement London projects allow homeowners access to all the mechanics of their home like plumbing works, insulation, and wiring, allowing them to check if they require repairs.

Increased Property Value

Put simply, when they have underpinning London, our clients properties go up in value due to their structural improvements.

Bottom Line

One thing to know with underpinning London is that it is a less expensive and disruptive way to increase space in your home.

Benefits Of Underpinning Basement London

Construction makes your home easily accessible

When underpinning a house London placed, or building a basement, the hidden mechanics of your home can be revealed, making your property easily accessible for inspections, upgrades, and repairs. Underpinning foundations can make it easy to modernize your house by replacing old systems such as plumbing, insulation protections and electrics.

Ceiling height and overall lighting can be increased

In terms of underpinning London homes, the more traditional basements found in older homes usually have significantly lower ceilings which can make you feel cramped or hemmed in. Underpinning a house can add headroom to make your basement an attractive living space, something which adds value as well as room to your home. 

Eliminates structural problems in the foundation

Foundations can sometimes suffer structural damage caused by extreme weather conditions, soil types, or even damage induced by inexperienced structural underpinning contractors. Underpinning basement work in London can stabilize your home and prevent potential future structural damage, showing how important professional underpinning in London is for structural integrity.

temporary propping in London basement
man using drill for underpinning in london
BNS Explain

Underpinning a House London: Is Building Regulations Approval Needed?

When you are underpinning a house London it is the kind of work that requires very careful planning and professional execution.  If you are underpinning foundations London that are already in existence you will need to get approval under the building regulations in most cases. For this underpinning, approval will usually involve the preparation of a structural design of the underpinning, including the process to be carried out during construction.

An initial step, before substantial commencement of the underpinning foundations London work, will generally be for a trial hole to be dug next to the existing footings for a structural engineer or surveyor to make an assessment of the circumstances of the case. BNS Underpinning London offers a professional estimating service that is designed to help you plan your underpinning project by providing an accurate cost of the proposed changes.


The Importance of Underpinning Foundations London

The foundations of a building are an extremely essential part of the support of the building. They are at the base of all buildings and literally support the building and hold it up. If the foundation becomes compromised and damaged in some way, this is a serious problem and needs immediate attention. The solution is often underpinning foundations. Underpinning London properties, involves stabilising and strengthening the foundations.

Signs That Indicate You Need an Underpinning Contractor London

If your walls or floors begin to slope this is a big sign that there is a problem with your foundations and you need to call underpinning contractors London based. At BNS our experienced, house underpinning contractors will look at the walls, check for signs of subsidence and other foundation problems. Whatever issues they find, you can rest at ease, secure in the knowledge that we have the solution. Contact us today.

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